Peggy R Cole


 Welcome friends. I am Peggy R Cole, lover of our earth, Gaia, and all her myriad beings and energies. My mission here is to find ways to interact with you in one of my fields of creative intent.  Photography/paintings, Glorious Goldendoodles, The power of the Written Word.  If I can heighten one person’s awareness of the incredible wonder and beauty all around us, my mission will hoist a hearty thumbs up. If I can inspire you to greater stewardship for the Earth, my mission will truly rejoice!. 

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Spirit Springs Doodles


Feel free to fall in love!

Spirit Springs Doodles is a small in-home breeder of quality standard Goldendoodles. We carefully create just one or two litters a year designed to spread joy wherever they go. Based on careful matches, health testing and puppy culture conditioning, these precious pups come to you from the best possible start in life. Check out our puppies for sale.


Seeing the Spirit of It

Seeing the Spirit in in means finding the essence, the beauty, the humor - whatever the situation has to say to me.  In images or words, I seek to communicate that spirit to you.

You can browse the gallery, shop for wall art, hire me to work a little PhotoArt magic, create a brochure or newsletter, fall in love with a Goldendoodle puppy, or explore with me via my blog. Sign up below to keep in touch

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